American Horror Story: Watching The Weather Channel

It is huge.  It is a beast.  It.  Just.  Looks.  Awful. – Jim Cantore, Meteorologist and Fear Monger
American horror story.
Watching The Weather Channel.
Category FIVE! hurricane headed to my house.
Gusts of two-hundred-and-twenty miles per hour.
That can’t be right.
Switch channels back and forth and back
and forth from Irma to Trump.
Irma.  Trump.  Irma.  Trump.  Irma.
Trying to decide which is scarier.
This is no time to get political.
Trump, I think.
We have homeowner’s insurance.
And there’s nowhere to go.
Back on The Weather Channel another guy says,
The kind of storm that sets people back decades.
All the news ain’t bad.
Still too far for the Fat Kid’s bombs.

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