Nobody Frames A Guilty Man

Guilt or no guilt: these were the worst things.  The only things worse than the guilt was the fear of getting caught. –  Elin Hilderbrand

Watching the news, he couldn’t help thinking something he learned accidentally in Latin class.  All his Latin was accidental.

Alea jacta est.  The die is cast.

Honestly, he had thought they were talking about making molds.  But no.  Talking about dice.  Talking about taking a gamble.

See, Caesar knew he was in trouble.  On a direct collision course with the deep Roman state, Caesar must decide to act like a correct patrician or attack the government.  He is not only risking his own future but that of his soldiers.  He could lose, they all could lose.

Caesar decides to roll the dice.  And once the die is cast, they cannot be controlled.

Splashing around like so many juicy leaks.  Ripples across a calm pond.

Rumbling, tumbling and rolling willy-nilly here, there, huh?, nobody knows where it will all end.

Least of all, Caesar.

The Roman Stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca tells us, “Every guilty person is his own hangman.”

Forget about finding the smoking gun.

Look for the silver bullet.




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